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  • Brachydanio Rerio (Zebra Danio)



    Quick Ref.
    Species: Brachydanio Rerio
    Geo. Location: Eastern India
    PH: 6.5 - 8.0
    Temperature: 65 - 78F
    Water Hardness: 5 - 19dh
    Size: 2.0"
    Diet: Flakes, frozen/live foods
    Difficulty: 2

    Photo Credit: Artur Bialosiewicz
    Notes: The Zebra Danio (Brachydanio Rerio) is a non agressive, hyper active type of fish. These fish are constantly moving and are very interesting to observe. Fast swimmers, they will require a long tank with lots of swimming spaces. The back of the tank could be decorated with plants and hidding places (rocks) for them to hide while breeding. Zebra danios can bring a lot of life in community tanks, however it is strongly recommended to have them in a separate tank if trying to breed them.
    Brachydanio Rerio has a long and slender body. It will be best to keep it in a 15 to 20 gallon tank. With optimal conditions, this fish can live up to 5 years. They sometimes school with other Danio species if they are in the same tank.
    Zebra Danios can support a high range of water conditions. Lots of hobbyist use them to cycle their tank as they are hardy enough to adapt to tap water conditions. They usually do better in schools of 6 or more and should not be kept with shy species. Tetras and other same size characins will do just great with them. Danios, usually swim near the water surface and are notorious jumpers. Cover your tank adequatly as they will find the smallest gap to escape. Lighting should not be to strong for this species.

    Breeding: Breeding Zebra Danios is one of the most fun, easy and rewarding experience for the beginners. Indeed, it is certainly the easiest of all the eggscatterers fish to breed.
    To breed this fish successfully, it is recommended to put them in "conditions". Males and females should be separated. Males can be distinguished from females because of their thinner abdomen and their golden stripes (as open to whitish for females). Males and females should be separated for a week and fed twice daily with nutricious food (bloodworms, brine shrimps).
    When the conditioning period is over, put males and females together in a same tank and raise the temperature to 80F. The bottom of the tank will be covered with marbles and only 10 cm of waters is necessary for this fish to breed. Zebra Danios usually breed at dusk. Remove all danios from the breeding tank the following day. Spawning should have taken place early in the morning and the non-sticky eggs are scattered in between the marble so the parents can't reach and eat them (some hobbyists use mesh to cover the lower part of their tank to replace the marbles). No filtration is required in the breeding tank but a small airstone will help the eggs to hatch (change 10% of water every day). The female will lay between 300 and 400 eggs. Eggs usually hatch within 2 days. If nothing happens after a few days, start the process all over again. When the fry become free swimming, start feeding them baby brine shrimps or microworms. The fry will rich maturity within 8 months. Frequent water changes are reequired to help the fry to rich maturity faster. A male is usually loyal to his female mate.

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